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Key Features of the Fintech SaaS Product

User management

Customers can select based on their needs whether to build single-user or multi-user support.


For financial SaaS applications, high security and data management requirements are necessary.

Payment gateways

SaaS fintech apps shouldn’t have any difficulties with transactions like balance checks, online payments, or money transfers.

Insightful user-interface

The user interface allows for quick sign-in and aids in a better comprehension of the processing procedures.

Customized experience

Users appreciate apps that were developed with them in mind. At the very least, users must be given the choice to filter the information they receive

Industry Focus

SaaS solutions find applications across industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and education, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Business Features

Being a SaaS application, the web app offers bank institutions and customers the following capabilities:
    • Self-service interfaces for banking institutions to Setup the bank – including account types, branches, branch staff, and also create and manage customer accounts, perform cash deposit and withdrawal requests.
    • Self-service interfaces for banking customers to register, open accounts in any available banks, perform transfers, view transactions, manage account nominees (beneficiaries), etc.


Security Mechanisms


If the bank detects a suspicious activity like the hijacking of a customer account, it can block password and the customer will need to reset password to login.

IP Firewall

To give the ability to banks to restrict access to staff portal from only white-listed networks or IPs.

Two-Factor (2FA)

2FA is available for both customers and banking staff users, banks have an option to enforce 2FA on their staff users.

Email Verification

Email verification feature to enforce that the user must verify the email before she can access or perform actions on her account.

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